With thanks to Holger who supplied these floppy disk images from his own archives.

NOTE: Some of the disks in this archive have a German Language user interface. The descriptions and graphics below are as supplied by Holger.

Notes on the North Star Advantage Floppy Disk Image Files

1.    All Northstar Advantage NSI image files on this page boot to graphics CP/M vers 2.2A for Advantage QD from North Star Computers. Settings: 64 KB RAM, 2 floppy disk drives, serial port 9600, QD, fast-stepping.

2.    Most software is adopted to the Northstar Advantage by using:

      a. the video driver codes
      b. the cursor and function keys
      c. specific IO ports
      d. graphic capabilities of the Advantage computer

3.    Most programs have a German UI

4.   "GrafikInterface.NSI" contains the program "GRAFIK.COM" that loads as an extra layer to CP/M. After loading this layer, programs can generate graphics by printing strings which begin with an ESC sequence ("print chr$(27) 'A' 123 213 234 434").

Examples in "Basic Progs.NSI": KARDIOID.BAS or ECKEN.BAS, and in "DBase.NSI": DEMO.CMD




5.    Contents of the Floppy Disk Images:

a. Basic Games.NSI                                   “ Games written in BASIC or as COM Files.”

b. Basic Progs.NSI                                    “ BASIC programs using the graphics layer and a flight simulator.”

c. CPM Master.NSI                                    “ Northstar Advantage Graphics CP/M vers 2.2 A system disk.”

d. DataStar.NSI                                         “ German version of MicroPro DataStar 1.101, example form.”

e. DBase.NSI                                             “ dBase II Ver 2.3C, example application.”

f. DemoDiagnostic 2.0.0AQH.NSI          “ DemoDiagnostic disk for the 1981 Advantage computer”

g. GrafikInterface.NSI                             “ Graphic layer as add-on to Advantage Graphics CP/M”

h. Invader.NSI                                           “ An invader clone for the Advantage running under CP/M”

Space Invaders

i. PascalMTPlus.NSI                                 “ MT MicroSYSTEMS Pascal/MT+ Release 5.5”

j. Transfer Utils.NSI                                 “ A collection of file transfer utilities for the Advantage”

k. Utilities.NSI                                          “ Various CP/M utilities: SuperDirectory, SuperShell, ZSID, SID, DISINTEL, Modem Progs”

l. WordstarG.NSI                               “ German version of WordStar Uses cursor and function keys of the Advantage”
                                               “NOTE: This disk is renamed to WordstarG.NSI to distinguish it from the US version in WORDSTAR.NSI”