North Star Advantage Z80 Computer Emulator (ADE) Version 0.50 (Obsolete)

1980 North star Advantage ad.

ADE is a North Star Advantage Z80 Computer emulator for linux/unix systems. This Version 0.50 was the initial public showing of the ADE emulator. It required X11 development libraries. ADE Version 0.50 was still VERY MUCH an ALPHA release. It shows its ncurses-based ancestry and has two windows:

The main window emulates the Advantage Video Display and shows in green by default but can be shown in other colors according to personal taste.

The obsolescent monitor window in ADE version 5 is mainly used for showing various status information and also used for text input as when 'mounting' floppy-disk image-filenames. It shows in amber text.

In the Version 0.60 GUI and later, the monitor window and its associated functions are replaced by various buttons and drop-down menus.

Advantage Emulator Version 0.50 Screenshots.

North Star Advantage Emulator Version 0.50 User Guide.
Download 'ADE' Version 0.50 source

North Star Advantage floppy-disk images.

Other North Star floppy-disk images; (Not Advantage-specific , also for Horizon).

North Star Advantage Software & Hardware Manuals
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