Some screen shots from ade:

ade splash screen, before startup

Note: These screenshots sometimes render badly with some browsers and some LCD displays.

ADE emulates the bit-mapped Advantage Video screen which is nominally 80 characters wide and 24 characters high. In pixel terms, the screen is 640 pixels wide and 256 pixels high - but only displays 240 pixels high (24 lines). This screenshot shows ADE version information splash-text. Green-colored screen text. Note the "North Star Advantage Emulator" launching icon on the desktop to the left of the Splash Screen.

load system screen

ADE now running, Advantage Boot Manager "LOAD SYSTEM" prompt. Yellow-colored screen text

cp/m boot screen

CP/M Boot Screen. Note the "Request for ';' Input" Used for Adjusting Advantage CP/M Virtual Disk Configurations.

ade monitor console view

North Star Hard Disk OS Start-Up Screen. This is a view of the Graphics HDOS in use, with a list of the files on the Hard Drive. Note the CP/M Virtual Disk files, each 1 megabyte (4030 x 256 byte blocks)

Word Star Running

This is a view of Word Star in editing mode.

ade -
'ADE Options' menu bar above Screen Display

'ADE Options' menu bar above Screen Display. White-colored screen text.