ICMS CPZ-48000 SBC Emulator (gcpz)


gcpz is a Z80 Computer emulator for linux/unix systems. The Inter Continental MicroSystems series were Z80 Computers which were released around 1983. They had 'personality boards' which could configure the system to use 5-inch or 8-inch floppy disks. As part of an overall S100 system, they could used as single-user or multi-user. With the addition of a hard-disk controller board, many different kinds of hard-disks could be accommodated. My system was used as a standalone 64K CP/M system and used an 8-inch floppy-drive, a Wyse serial terminal, and a dot-matrix printer.

gcpz emulates a Televideo-920 serial terminal, and four 8-inch floppy disks.

gcpz is basically a 'vanilla' CP/M system.

CPZ-48000 Emulator Screenshots.

CPZ-48000 Emulator User Guide.
Download Latest CPZ-48000 Emulator Source Tarball (Uses GTK+ Vers.3)

CPZ-48000 8-inch Floppy Disk Images..

ICMS CPZ-48000 Software & Hardware Manuals

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 ICMS CPZ-48000