Some screen shots from gmd128:

gmd128 splash screen, before startup

Note: These screenshots sometimes render badly with some browsers and some LCD displays.

gmd128 can be optioned to start off with three different terminal sizes. The default is 80 chars wide by 24 lines high. The middle size is 96 chars wide and 36 lines high. The large size is 96 chars wide and 45 lines high.

This screenshot shows the 3 sizes with information splash-text. Green-colored screen text.


gmd128 now running, shows CP/M banner indicating 16 disk drives available. Green-colored screen text

ws large screen

Wordstar running on large terminal screen, 96 x 45.

gmd128 disk selection view

gmd128 disk selection dialogs. This view shows the disks whaich are mounted and also the disk selection dialog which can change any selected disk image. Note the CP/M Virtual Disk files, each 32 megabytes, holding four 8-megabyte virtual disks.

gmd128 'OptionsMenu' menu bar above Screen Display

gmd128 'Options Menu' above Screen Display.