Some screen shots from nse:

nse splash screen, main terminal mode

Note: These screenshots render badly with some browsers and some LCD displays. Opera displays them cleanly. If your images display badly, save them to disk and print to hard-copy.

Normal mode emulates Televideo-925 ASCII terminal. This screenshot shows splash-text and boot-up herald for CP/M 2.2.  

The status line at the bottom of the terminal shows the software version, whether using single or double density controller board, and brand of terminal being emulated.

The brand of emulated terminal will only matter if the CP/M software being used is configured for some other terminal.

wordstar on nse using TVI-925

WordStar making use of the TVI-925 ASCII Terminal emulation.

horizon nsdos

Another normal-mode screenshot showing North Star DOS.

nse command console view

This is a view of command-console mode.